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Applying for asylum

If you are placed into removal court proceedings, one option you may have if you fear returning to your country is to apply for asylum. While the general rule is that you must apply for asylum within one year of your last entry into the United States, there are exceptions to this rule. Our immigration lawyers can review your particular case, assess your eligibility for asylum, and, if necessary, determine if your case fits into an exception to the filing deadline.

Other applications

You may be eligible for other types of applications if you are placed into removal court proceedings. For example, if you are able to prove that your deportation would create extreme hardship for your family members in the United States, you may be eligible for certain applications.

If you are facing removal from the United States, it is important to work with an experience immigration lawyer to help you through this process. At The Romero Firm, we can help assess and explain all of your options to ensure that we find the best solution for your case.

Victims of Marriage Fraud

If you have been a victim of marriage fraud, we help you withdraw your petition, take protective measures, and end the union either by divorce or annulment.

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